Welcome to Your Spicy Life

We’re Jess and Mia and in our 15+ years of friendship we’ve had a shared passion for striving to be our best and getting the most out of life.   We thrive on bouncing new ideas about health, psychology and personal development off each other.

As teenagers we both attended personal development programs and got a taste for psychology, goal setting and generally striving to be kick-ass human beings.  

We share a passion for travel and we’re setting our sights on growing the international Spicy Life movement to impact the lives of people worldwide.



Jess feels that brain health is inspiring and sexy – from the foundation of a healthy mind every aspect of life flows and flourishes. Jess loves people, she has always had a passion for psychology and getting to know what drives people to perform at their best.  She believes in reprogramming the brain by using simple yet amazingly powerful techniques to help you radiate from the inside out and live a spicy life!  Jess is Your Spicy Life’s guru when it comes to simple actions that create subconscious shifts which allow you to be more congruent with your goals so they happen more naturally.

Jess previously had the belief that success was based on ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’.  She spent much of her younger years pushing through uncomfortable situations including extreme claustrophobia (which she did successfully) but felt there had to be an easier way.  

In search of this, she obtained a psychology degree and scoured the self-help landscape, where she discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the ultimate scientifically validated tool to rapidly remove negative beliefs and the resulting unwanted behaviour.  

When combined with a special mix of mainstream and complimentary psychological tools, she found this technique to solve the struggles most people had when they were failing to achieve their goals.

Incredibly through the methods she found, she reached and has stayed at her ideal weight without dieting or an extensive exercise regime.  She overcame a physical ailment that doctors could not find a cause for, landed two of her dream jobs, met the man of her dreams and overall is much more relaxed and happy.  

After completing her undergraduate degree in psychology, Jess is completing further study to become a psychologist. She is an EFT practitioner and believes it is the missing link in mainstream psychology.  She is extremely passionate about sharing the message that wellness, beauty and performing at your peak starts from the inside and radiates out.

Mia believes in the importance of looking and feeling your best while taking on the journey of spicing up your life!  Mia is Your Spicy Life guru when it comes to wellness, healthy food and beauty.  

From years of anxiety around eating the ‘right’ foods and meticulously planning every meal, Mia learnt that being obsessive about health does her more harm than good – not to mention her body reacts negatively.

Jess introduced Mia to mind techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and helped her to realise that once you remove your limiting beliefs around food and your body, you clear anxiety, easily make healthy choices and the weight falls off naturally.  All without the constant guilt and obsession over food and exercise.

Mia is a qualified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.  She has a talent for making healthy food taste great and shares recipes on her blog Chia Mia plus global sites such as Mind Body Green.

While working on limiting beliefs around her career, Mia realised that whilst she is passionate about wellness, she adores beauty and ultimately her dream is to become a makeup artist. She now attends make-up college in Sydney Australia and is pursuing her goal of being an internationally in-demand makeup artist, using non-toxic, cruelty free products to impact the future of the beauty industry.

Mia’s overall purpose is to help others feel confident in their skin, teaching them to work with their natural features, use natural makeup and eat mindfully so they radiate from the inside out.