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Join the #YourSpicyLife Movement, an incredibly fun adventure where we encourage you to make positive changes and do things differently daily. Share with us the new and exciting things you are enjoying each day, the things that spice up your life!

Navigate your way to a new destination without a GPS

  • Learn a new new skill – dancing, languages, a new computer program etc.
  • Walk a different way to work or university
  • Go to a different café or shop for a drink or lunch
  • Try a food you’ve never tried before
  • Chat to someone you’ve never met before on the street
  • Indulge in something that makes you really happy and cherish that moment
  • Journal daily about your feelings, thoughts, passions
  • Mindfulness - including meditation, visualisation and of course EFT
  • Exercise and eat foods that nourish you
  • Dance your heart out
  • Sing in the shower
  • Travel to new and exciting destinations

Not convinced yet? Read on to discover why you and your friends should join in on this movement.

Our brain is designed to learn, but it is constrained by habit and neural pathways that humans for the most part are unaware of unless they make a conscious decision to change.

And the best thing is, brain health is totally sexy, once you learn simple ways to transform so you don’t have to ‘think’ your way into a better life, your brain will be on your side in creating ease and flow towards achieving your visions.

You can apply it to all the things you love, including beauty, wellness, fashion, health, career and lifestyle.

Most profoundly, is the ability to change your body, and we believe there is true power of living a life free from fear of food, weight – as this is often an area that holds people back, in a society confused with more diet information than we can possibly need it is still a huge area of struggle for many.

We’re here to support you for more ease everyday and a spicy future vision.