The Your Spicy Life Method


Neuroscientists increasingly believe that around 90% of our actions are subconscious and based on our primitive beliefs around who we are and our place in the world. So no matter how much knowledge you ingest, how much research you do and how much money you spend on personal development, psychology and diet programs if you do not change your limiting beliefs, you will keep getting the same results.

Whether it’s reaching that ideal weight, improving your confidence and self-worth, striving to achieve your dreams or improving any other aspect of your life, we’re here to help you change your limiting sub-conscious beliefs.

Then when you’re the most inspired and open version of yourself, we’ll swoop in with wellness, beauty, productivity and peak performance tips.

You’ll be all set to live your life, your way!

Our formula for success


  • Tips for more productivity every day

  • Experience how feeling great mentally can help you thrive physically

  • Food to help your mind function

  • Learn how to set goals then activate behavior so they actually come true!


  • Scientific yet simple techniques to change your results

  • Healthy guidelines that are much easier to stick to as we change your subconscious habits

  • Reach your ideal weight, minus the dieting stress – A LIFECHANGING EXPERIENCE!


  • Improve confidence and self-acceptance

  • Makeup, beauty and hair tips to love the skin you’re in


  • Become best friends with yourself so you radiate the confidence to find your ideal partner

  • Uncover limiting beliefs about yourself and love interests that may be holding you back