You're a Golden Buddha

Mia here, so the other night for the 4th time I watched a documentary called ‘Finding Joe.’ This movie has many nuggets of wisdom in it but the one thing I want to share with you today is the story of the ‘Golden Buddha’, watch the 3.5 min video below to see what I am talking about:

This made me realise we are all born as a bright shiny golden Buddha and our experiences in life act as the 'stone' or negative beliefs that hold us back from discovering who we truly are and as a result stop us from ‘following our bliss’ as Joseph Campbell says. 

Eventually things may start to happen that will make the stone slowly start to fall off and you start to see the gold (your true self) shine through and you’ll want to keep chipping away at it until you become your best shiny golden self.

However this often takes a long time and can be hard to do, this is where EFT comes in. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is the tool that will help you chip away at the cement in the quickest most effective way possible and if you stick with us we'll show you how you can use it to spice up your life daily. 

Jess and I highly recommend you watch the documentary ‘Finding Joe’ which you can watch on along with other great movies like ‘The Tapping Solution’ and ‘Food Matters’ - it is basically Netflix on green juice click here to check it out.

“the privilege of a life time is being yourself” – Joseph Campbell 

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