Living the Spicy Life with Claudia Beyer of BareVitality

This week’s interview is with the lovely Claudia Beyer. Claudia is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Outdoor Personal Trainer, creator of the blog BareVitality and author of the ebook Your Holistic Metabolism.

After years of following Claudia’s blog I (Mia) finally had the pleasure of meeting Claudia at a YouTube conference about a month ago. I can definitely say she is just as kind, friendly and glowing as she comes across on her blog.

One of my favourite things about Claudia’s blog (aside from the amazing recipes), is the easy and quick work outs she posts that you can do anywhere. For example this ab work out you can do while watching TV. Anything that allows me to watch my favourite TV show and get fit at the same time is a definite win in my book!

Now, get to know Claudia…

What are you most passionate about at the moment and how important do you think it is to incorporate your passion into your career?

My passions have always been involving good food, fitness and a creative out lets of some sort. 

I believe it is of utmost importance to be pursuing our passions on a daily basis, if not our duty as individuals. Being able to incorporating your passions into a career, well that is just the perfect recipe for a soul nourishing life don’t you think!

Each day I wake up and share, teach and inspire others on the topics that bring me so much happiness…and it’s my job to do this?? At this point in my life my most passionate focus is spreading the magic of holistic health & fitness to females struggling with weight loss, body image and inner peace. An area I see on a daily basis destroying the female spirit and love of life. 

The Holistic Personal Training business along with my newly release eBook, Your Holistic Metabolism and the BareVitality blog have formed this dream lifestyle where never one day is the same and I can shape my business in whatever is currently of most interest to me.

Have you used any techniques such as goal setting, meditation, visualization or journaling to get you where you are today?  If so, which do you use regularly?

I love journaling. For me it is a form of active meditation, visualisation and self-therapy all in one. Journaling has allowed me to understand my personal needs, passions and identify what is most important to me. I scribble down all my current thoughts, feelings and ideas and they come together on the pages as my goals and inspiration for the current or next project.

I also practice goal setting but I make sure my goals are always flexible and that I don’t feel overwhelmed or trapped by them.

Can you tell us about a time you were really overwhelmed or stressed and what you did to combat that? 

About 2 years ago I went through a huge life change that was both emotionally and physically overwhelming. I ended a long-term relationship, needing to leave my home, client base and business behind and try and re-establish myself as an individual back to square one. Coming to terms that this was my new reality was scary and overwhelming.

I found just living one day at a time helped me feel less overwhelmed. Surrounding myself with lots of people who lift me up, support me and radiate positive vibes played an incredible role at that time in my life as does it now in day-to-day circumstances. Reassuring myself of my abilities and filling myself with positive affiliations daily, often done through journaling.

Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed or unsure I just stop and make sure my next step is based on love over fear. Fear prevents us from truly living and creates stress.

What are your daily rituals/habits that help you to be successful?

I start the day early and absorb the stillness before the busyness begins.

After my early PT clients I always have a big wholesome breakfast whether it be poached eggs & veg on gluten free toast or a superfood smoothie/ porridge bowl. Breakfasts are one of my passions so I make sure I allow time to nurture this ritual to set the scene for the rest of my day.

I practice daily gratitude to ensure a balanced mindset and attract more to be grateful for into my life.

I also put aside time each day to read articles/ industry journals I have bookmarked that catch my attention or even a YouTube video. I love to be always learning and provoking curiosity. I believe this can also be done by continually learning from our own actions, taking note what has worked well and what can be changed to improve next time. I walk through my day with the mindset that there is no failure in life only opportunities for improvement.

How do you treat yourself when you’ve done something well or completed something?

I first really take in my accomplishment & feel pride. Then I treat myself to something that nourishes my soul. From cooking myself a delicious meal, to roaming around markets, going for a jog while listening to my current favorite songs, booking a massage…

Who are your biggest mentors/inspirations and why?

My mentor in life would have to be my Dad. Whether it was in guiding me to grow, boy problems or life obstacles, his wisdom never fails to bring light.

My inspirations come from everyone and everything around me, no particular person. Everyone has so much to teach us and an inspiring tale to tell.

What do you do each day to add fun and Spice to Your life?

I sing super loud to the radio everyday while I’m driving to and from clients. I eat nut butters from the jar and make it a challenge to see what interesting concoctions I can create for my smoothie bowls (some are definitely not social media appealing but always tasty!!). I love to try out new exercises that often lead to me falling over or creating my own to ‘torture’ my clients with. I share lots of special moments with my partner with us both in uncontrollable laughter.

What is your Favourite:

Quote: ‘The earth has music for those who listen’ - Shakespeare

Book: The Desire Map- transformed the way I looked at my life and my decisions on how I want to run my business.

Documentary: Food matters! This was one of the first documentaries that inspired further curiosity into the path I have followed.

Food: Chocolate- it’s a daily affair I have no desire to give up.

Recipe: I have a serious sweet tooth so I love creating sweet recipes that are full of whole food nourishment. These Sweet Potato Brownies are to die for:

Memory that spiced up your life: The magic, beauty and simplicity I absorbed while traveling around South East Asia.

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